WQA Professional Certification = Confidence

1. Confidence in your knowledge

2. Confidence in your people

3. Customers' confidence in your company

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The training for professional certification provides everything needed to correctly diagnose the treatment problem; select the appropriate solution; safely and professionally install the equipment; and correctly maintain and troubleshoot equipment.

Confidence in your knowledge

Confidence in your people

WQA's professional certification and training programs were developed by recognized industry subject matter experts. You can be sure that the training is comprehensive and continuously updated. The built-in apprenticeship aspect of the online Modular Education Program provides structured mentoring that lets you see how your people tackle issues in the field. The mentoring aspect lets you catch mistakes before they happen.

Boost your confidence with WQA's Professional Certification

Customers' confidence in your company

All the information and mis-information available online can get confusing and frustrating. Professional certification is proof that you and your company care about doing the job right and have made the extra effort to demonstrate your commitment.

Learn on the go

WQA Modular Education Program courses are now fully functional on iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets and smart phones.

Setting aside company time for employees to work through the training has always been most effective, regardless of whether the training was through the textbooks or the MEP, but now with the mobile platform, companies using tablets for on-site-customer billing can also turn them into training tools.

Plan now for 2019 professional development for your staff.

WQA Professional Certification is the industry recognized standard when it comes to training and education.

The professional certification process is an investment. As you weigh the cost of the program materials and exam, the cost of offering company time for your employees to work through the activities and the mentor's involvement, the cost of the investment might seem too high. But is it?

When you provide your employees the right support and encouragement the training and professional certification process can take as little as 6 months. Weigh that against the hidden costs of a single mistake in the field.

A sound investment

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Worth the time and money that we invested!

Troy Macumber, CWS, CI

Cleanwater Culligan

"Our customer service representatives say they are more confident answering questions. 

"That feedback makes it worth the time and money that we invested. We are more successful on-boarding our employees with the training than we were without it. 

"Even though the training takes time to complete, it empowers employees to answer customer questions on their own, saving me a lot of time. 

 "Plus, it provides a much better customer experience. Customers feel like they are talking to the right person."

Marlette, Michigan